Many companies find that it is difficult to hire and retain a proficient routing manager to create a well-developed routing solution, or that they only need routing done once or twice per year and don’t need a full-time routing position.

Regardless of your specific needs, we can provide a cost-effective solution for you.

Lodestar Ventures offers a host of routing services that include:

  • Geocoding and plotting your customers or warehouse locations
  • Providing maps of your current routes, sales territories,  or delivery sequences
  • Providing maps to identify delivery area overlap at neighboring warehouses
  • Performing seasonal or strategic reroutes to create sales, delivery, or merchandising territories  to meet your customer demand or staffing requirements
  • Integrating newly-acquired customers or brands into your existing route structure
  • Creation of new sales territories or delivery routes
  • Providing Daily Routing solutions to optimally sequence and time-window your vehicles to reduce miles and improve customer service

Please contact us at support@lodestarventures.comto discuss your particular needs related to seasonal DSD routing, DSD routing services, daily dispatching, distributor routing, how to develop route territories, or to get a price quote.

Lodestar Ventures provides all types of Territory Planner and route engineering services. We have consultants on staff with more than 15 years of routing and training experience with the Territory Planner software.  We can help with requests as simple as plotting your customer locations on a map to complex projects like training your Route Engineering teams,or  integrating newly acquired locations.

We also offer temporary Territory Planner specialists, to assist you with any routing projects or temporary staffing needs.

Providing the Direction to Optimize

Your Business Results

Territory Planner and Routing Engineering Services