Lodestar Ventures has been providing training on the most popular routing software packages for more than 20 years, and we are experts in Roadnet training and Roadnet implementation. Unlike software companies, who provide generic training, we provide training specific to your industry. We also show you how to make the best use of your routing software, rather than training you on a myriad of menu items and features that you will never use.

We know that companies struggle with hiring, training, and retaining skilled routers and Roadnet Transportation Suite users, and that training new employees is always a challenge.

We also understand that your existing employees  periodically need additional training or need help when tackling new projects.

Lodestar Ventures offer a variety of training options to meet your needs. Training can be as simple as a remote GoToMeeting session to train a new user on a particular Roadnet issue, or as complex as a week-long training class to teach all aspects of the UPS Logistics software suite to a team of new users.

We can provide training on virtually all aspects of the Roadnet, Fleetloader and Territory Planner software packages, as well as some of the other popular software packages on the market.

Lodestar Ventures can provide routing training to explain how to:

  • Make better use of your existing software to improve sales and customer service
  • Perform routing data collection and clean-up
  • Set up the best KPI measurement and tracking
  • Create sales, delivery and merchandising routes
  • Calculate accurate service time standards and time windows
  • Create accurate service patterns and service sets
  • Determine profitable delivery criteria and set delivery frequency guidelines
  • Perform a “before and after” analysis of your routing solution to measure its impact
  • Model your warehouse, employee, and vehicle costs accurately
  • Create more efficient territories and daily routes
  •  Use Fleetloader correctly and how to optimize nightly truck loading
  •  Utilize the Depot Planner tool to identify the closest depot for deliver

Contact us today at to see how we can assist you in the areas of Roadnet training, Territory Planner training, Fleetloader training, UPS Transportation Suite help or Roadnet support.

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