DSD Consulting Services

Lodestar Venture's consultants are Direct to Store Delivery (DSD) specialists. Each of our senior consultants has more than 15 year's worth of experience in managing and consulting with large DSD systems. We’ve led national rollouts of DSD programs and software implementations at many food and beverage companies across the U.S.  Lodestar Ventures can save you time and money by duplicating the processes and best practices that we have developed at other companies.

Some of the areas where our DSD consulting can assist you include:


Providing the Direction to Optimize

Your Business Results

  • Data standardization and data clean-up for routing project implementation
  • Developing DSD routing standards and best practices
  • Creating DSD seasonal routes and providing all aspects of seasonal routing support
  • Capturing an accurate baseline of your current DSD routing structure to accurately measure the “before and after” impact of a delivery system change
  • Eliminating non-productive time during the driver start and end of day activities
  • Helping you to reduce delivery frequencies and ensure profitable deliveries every time
  • Providing training to help you develop your own internal DSD routing team
  • Developing DSD routing delivery frequencies and segmentation guidelines by channel
  • Helping you integrate tel-sell or pre-sell into your static delivery systems to dramatically reduce cost
  • Improving asset utilization and reducing the overall size of your delivery fleet
  • Creating data bridges between your routing system and your ERP or data warehouses
  • Developing KPI measurement tools and systems
  • Installing Centralized Dispatching at one main facility to reduce headcount 
  • Integrating of Integrasys DSD Software

Please contact us at support@LodestarVentures.com to discuss your particular needs related to DSD consulting, Roadnet consulting, DSD routing implementation, DSD seasonal routes, our seasonal routing service, or to obtain a price quote.